Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Official sponsor of Collage Night

Like finds like so we became the official sponsor of the monthly Collage Night at Tiger Trap Studio. Every month artists and creatives meet to cut, paste, and create cards and posters from vintage magazines. (Think Look, LIFE, and National Geographic from the 1940s.) Everyone leaves with their collage masterpiece AND bright yellow notepads and journals!

Paper notes:
Small square notepads: 80# bright yellow text
Journals: Unlined pastel pink 60# text inside with 80# cover weight covers

Friday, March 21, 2014

Throw Our Boxes Off Buildings

"All the years I've been in this business I've never seen anybody pack a box like Paul can. You could throw one of his boxes off a building and it would be fine," said Pat, print shop manager.

Pictured above: Small box of business cards expertly packed by Paul, bindery and packaging specialist at HANYS Printing Services.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Notebook for Every Pocket

“Snail mail still works in ways that digital can’t. Some things just have to be printed.” That's what ROI expert/Marketing Strategist John Luginbill, told everyone when he saw this notebook at the HANYS’ Communications Conference.

He explained how despite best digital strategies, sometimes a message will only get through to potential customer if it lands in their mailboxes at the end of the drive way, not a computer. We couldn't agree more!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Custom Notebooks are Done!

We've been working on a simple and keepable giveaway for people who come to the HANYS' Communications Conference, which we're sponsoring. And of course, that means a pocket-sized notebook with 32 lined pages! Just before packing them up, Paul inspected how well the cutter trimmed the folded part of the notebook and then he made a small adjustment to get a crisper cut on the edge.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Something Spectacular is in the Works

sending sheets of paper through the scoring machine at HANYS Printing Services
We're proud sponsors of this year's HANYS' Communications Conference, so we're printing a special little item for everyone to take home. Here it is going through the scoring machine.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ask Pat: Laying Out a Booklet

Juan puts together the pages of a printed booklet to submit to HANYS Printing ServicesOur colleague Juan is a great designer.He usually doesn’t handle the final steps of putting together booklets. Tasked with creating a booklet with specific blank pages, he spent 15 minutes scratching out grids, moving pages on his computer, even laying pages on the floor to figure it out—to no avail.Frustrated, he asked Pat.“That’s not going to do you any good,” Pat said, pointing to the paper on the ground.Instead, Pat made a "dummy booklet" with the number of pages Juan was shooting for, numbered them, and voila!—simplified pagination. Juan was able to see which pages he wanted where, and then dragged them into order on the computer to be sent to the printer.Pat shrugged. “I’ve been printing books for 35 years.”He didn’t expect Juan to know how to quickly set up the pages, saying “If he doesn’t do pagination, he doesn’t know pagination.”“It’s a simple method. It’s a lot cleaner, and you can see what you are doing and what you want the book to look like.”