Friday, October 25, 2013

Ask Pat: Is My Photocopier a Profit Monster?

Photo of office photocopier with words "Nom, Nom, Nom" overlaid over it
Isn't it less expensive to handle my print job on our office photocopier, rather than using an outside company—like HANYS Printing Services?

Pat says: Not at all. Say you want to print 500 flyers. Using your in-house photocopier will cost you about $0.07 per copy, per side, plus the added costs of the ink, the paper, the machine's ‘click’ charges, the labor, and the maintenance and wear and tear on your photocopier. It quickly adds up.

With HANYS Printing Services, there are no hidden charges. You know right away, up front, exactly how much the job will cost. We can save you money, provide you with a superior product, and turn it around fast.  (And delivery is always free!)

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